Our office no longer provides these services at this time (though at some future point, we will offer again). Please contact Nikki Butler, AuD for these services at 540-495-8601 or Gainesville Audiology at 703-754-0951.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Repair Services

Our office provides a full battery of hearing tests including unsedated ABR as well as dispense digital hearing aids from the top manufacturers in the business. We provide experienced hearing health care from toddlers to adults.

The typical cost PER new hearing aid will vary between $500 to $1500+. Click here for more info on the breakdown of the costs.  View the different styles and sizes of hearing aids offered in our office here.

The hearing aid companies that our office works with primarily are OTICON and WIDEX. The different styles of hearing aids we sell and support can be found here.


Terms of Purchase

All hearing aid users will be given a Trial Adjustment Period of no more than 45-days beginning the day of the fitting.  If the hearing aid(s) are returned for any reason within this 45-day period in the original condition, Fauquier ENT Hearing Aids, LLC agrees to refund the full purchase cost of the hearing aid(s). Professional fees are NON-REFUNDALBE and include:  Hearing Aid Evaluation, Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing, Custom Earmolds and Accessories.  If the hearing aid(s) are damaged in any way from the new condition, are lost, or if the Purchaser does not return the hearing aid(s) within the 45-day Trial Adjustment Period no refund will be given and the hearing aid(s) will be deemed purchased in full. 

First Visit:  Audiometric Evaluation (30 minutes)

Most health insurances will cover the cost of a complete hearing evaluation which is $137, however copays and deductibles will apply.

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Second Visit:  Hearing Aid Evaluation (60 minutes)

The cost of professional services provided at this visit is $150 even if hearing aids are not ordered.   Single unit cost of a hearing aid varies based on the level of technology ranging from $500 to $1500+ per aid.
More info on cost here.

Third Visit:  Hearing Aid Fitting (60 minutes)

The cost of professional services provided at this visit is $390 .  This is in addition to the cost of the hearing aid(s).  Payment is due in full at this visit.

Cost of Hearing Aid Services After Purchase

More info on cost of hearing aids can be found here.

Appointments for maintenance, checks, or repairs that occur after the 45-day Trial Adjustment Period will be billed for professional services.  Maintenance checks are recommended at least every 6 months. When a hearing aid malfunctions and cannot be repaired in-house, it will be sent to the manufacturer for an in-warranty or out-of-warranty repair.  Professional servicesrelated to hearing aid checks, adjustments and/or reprogramming will billed for every repair, regardless of warranty status.  Out-of-warranty repairs will incur a service charge from the manufacturer and our office. 

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Hearing aids dispensed by Fauquier ENT Hearing Aids, LLC are dispensed with a manufacturer’s service warranty for a period of 1 to 3-years.  This warranty covers manufacturer services ONLY, not services performed by our office.

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Health Insurance

Fauquier ENT Hearing Aids, LLC does not participate with any health insurance carrier.  Therefore, we do not bill health insurance for hearing aids or any hearing aid related services.  For those patients with hearing aid benefits, an invoice will be provided to you to submit for direct reimbursement from your carrier.  Please see the attached fee schedule for the costs of hearing aid related services per visit.

Hearing Aid Payment Plans

Full Payment:Payment is due in full at the hearing aid fitting. 

Care Credit Financing: Online application process with instant approval available. No interest plans are available for 6 / 12 / 18  months with no down payment required.  Payment options, terms and conditions are determined solely by Care Credit.


Why Hearing Aids May NOT Completely Restore Hearing

There are some reasons why hearing aids may not completely restore hearing that patients should be aware of. The most important one is that human hearing is based on volume and reception. The best analogy is to imagine your hearing to be a radio. A given radio has a volume knob that one can adjust up or down as well as antenna reception which allows one to get a clear signal vs one full of static. If there has been damage to the radio's antenna, it does not matter how much you increase the volume...the signal will still be full of static.

Similarly, hearing loss may be a volume issue and/or a reception issue. Hearing aids can only amplify volume. Hearing aids CANNOT improve reception. The hearing test we perform gives us an idea of both volume and reception aspects of your hearing loss and provide guidance in how much hearing aids may help.

For more information, please email our audiologist directly or contact our office and ask to speak to her.

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