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Hearing Conservation

Custom Swim Plugs

ear plugs

A mold impression is made of the ears to allow a snug and comfortable fit. Turnaround time between mold and delivery is about 10 business days. We also do carry factory pre-made molds. Prices range from $10 to $100.

Sample custom plugs are shown to the right. They come in all different colors that YOU get to pick!

Of course you can also get them online. Here's a few on Amazon:

swim ear plugs ear band it bandit

Custom Hearing Protection

Although many options are available, sometimes inadequate protection is obtained from over-the-counter options due to comfort, size, and/or sound leakage. A custom mold impression would provide the best comfort and fit resulting in the best hearing protection. Turnaround time between mold and delivery is about 10 business days.

Musicians Filtered Earplugs

Hearing protection, yet allowing for faithful pitch awareness and minimal sound distortion.

Custom Earmolds for iPods, Cell phones, Headsets

Custom earmolds for comfort and snug fit.

BUT... If you are OK with generic non-customized ear plugs, you can find them on Amazon at below link!

ear plugs for hearing protection musicians ear plugs ear muffs hearing protection noise cancelling ear plugs hunters ear plugs

assistive hearing device

Assistive Listening Devices and Technology

These include infrared loop systems for TV and radio, amplified phones, personal body-worn amplifiers, and FM systems. Prices range from $150 to $2000. An example of a Sennheiser infrared system is shown to the right.

Other similar systems can be found on Amazon.

tv ears


Batteries and Other Hearing Miscellaneous Products

We sell replacement batteries for all hearing aid products as well as provide repair services. Check out other hearing aid accessories available online here!

hearing aid sanitizer hearing aid drying jar hearing aid size 10 battery hearing aid size 13 battery hearing aid size 312 battery hearing aid size 675 battery hearing aid replacement domes hearing aid wax guards phone amplifier phone captioner phone flasher and ringer

Please contact our audiologist by email or phone for more information.

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