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Online Appointment Requests (Available 24/7)

Due to large patient volumes, we are accepting new patients from northern Half of Virginia only (Fauquier and bordering counties only plus Frederick and Fairfax). New patients are defined as not having been seen in our office within the past 36 months. You can appeal this limitation by sending us an email. Appeals by phone will NOT be accepted. In only very rare and selective cases have we made exceptions. Read why we instituted this policy.

Only OFFICE visits can be scheduled here.
For surgery & test scheduling, you must CALL!

Our office will contact you with an appointment day & time
within 1 business day.

If you desire a same day appointment,
please call our office for availability.

If you are a NEW patient, do not forget to Download New Patient Forms and Complete prior to your scheduled appointment!! If it's been over 1 year since you were last seen in our office, do complete the first 2 pages of the forms.

Information on Common Problems Seen in Our Office

ear tube
Phlegmy Throat

ear clicking
Clogged Ears

ear clicking
Chronic Throat Clearing

eardrum hole
Lump in Throat