Online Patient Portal


Our practice does not officially have a patient portal yet... We are hoping to have one installed for patient use summer of 2022. That said, there are different patient portals our patients may be able to access depending on what is desired. Office notes and hearing test results can only be obtained by calling our office directly. You can also request this info via email.

Viewing and paying your bill online can be accomplished here. For everything else...

Results of Bloodwork Done in Our Office

If you desire any testing or procedure reports that were done at Fauquier Hospital, go to the next section below.

test results

Starting May 1, 2018, if blood test results are desired and the blood was drawn in our office by BioReference Labs, you will receive an email with instructions to access via CareEvolve OutReach Portal.

This email will come from, NOT Fauquier ENT.

You will receive this email typically in about one week. If you declined to provide an email at time of blood draw, you will not have access. You will have to call our office to provide an email if access is desired. Please note any test results prior to May 1, 2018 may not be available for viewing online. The login screen will look like the picture below.

If any other information including office notes desired, you will have to contact us to receive a copy.

NEED HELP? You can download here a printable paper copy of the registration process and how to use the portal. If you are still having problems, please email CareEvolve tech support at:


Anything Done in the Hospital

If any testing, bloodwork, radiology, and procedures were performed at Fauquier Hospital, you will be able to access these results via the hospital patient portal eChart here. The hospital's login screen will look like the screen shot below.

NEED HELP? If you have trouble accessing, please call 540-316-4440.