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To see members of the Voice Team for patients with voice problems, go here.


Christopher Y. Chang, MD - Read Bio / Resume (ENT Doctor)

Dr. Chang is our Board Certified ENT surgeon with additional specialized training in laryngology and voice disorders. He sees patients of all ages from newborns to the elderly population. He has office hours on all days of the week. Surgery is performed by Dr. Chang on every Monday and Wednesdays mornings at Fauquier Hospital as well as Friday afternoons at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Blue Ridge Orthopedic and Spine Center. He also operates at the Haymarket Ambulatory Surgery Center.



Robert B. Redmon, MD, FACS - Resume (ENT Doctor)

Dr. Redmon is  Board Certified in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery with over 30 years of experience.  He has fellowship training in Head and Neck Surgery. He enjoys all aspects of the field of Otolaryngology for the treatment of both adults and children. He has a particular interest in the surgical treatment of thyroid & parathyroid disease as well as disease of the sinuses. He also has experience in plastic and reconstructive procedures of the head and neck such as cosmetic procedures of the eyelids and face.

He will have office hours on all days of the week. Surgery is performed by Dr. Redmon at Fauquier Hospital every Tuesday and Thursday.


Catie Chalmers, AuD - Read Bio

Is our audiologist and hearing aid specialist who also performs extensive evaluations related to dizziness. More info.




Carrie Soaper, CPC

Carrie is our business and office manager.





Office Support Staff