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Recommended OTC products for individuals suffering from a variety of nasal issues.
Please look in our allergy store for symptoms related to allergies and the sinus store for patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

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Nosebleed Care

More info on treating nosebleeds can be found here. Watch a video on how to use ponaris.

silver nitrate sticks bleedcease woundseal powder

Dry Nose Care

Watch a video on how to use ponaris.Untoasted sesame oil can be used alternatively if dislikes the "smell" of ponaris.

ponaris nose drops sesame oil nose drops

Nostril Infection Care

Nasal Obstruction

Video showing how nasal dilators work. Here's a video regarding breathe-right strips.

breath right strips nasal stents nasal dilators allergy button

HEPA Filters & Masks

For more information on improving air quality, click here.

conway hepa molekule air quality monitor mask ear saver

Nasal Aspirators for Infants & Young Children

There are basically 2 types of aspirators... electric and non-electric. When it comes to electric aspirators, most devices under $50 are under-powered and break quickly. For high quality electronic aspirators, you unfortunately need to pay for devices that often cost over $100 which is what is linked below.


Nasal Fracture Masks


humidifer nebulizer


nose pencil sharpener

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