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Recommended OTC products for individuals suffering from snoring issues.
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Do check out the videos at bottom of this page to gain a better understanding on which products may work best for you!

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Screening Home Sleep Test

These tests are known as continuous pulse oximetry and can provide estimated sleep apnea scores. Please be aware that these devices can not formally diagnose you with a sleep disorder... BUT, if it consistently shows abnormalities in your sleep, you most likely do have a sleep disorder and should get an insurance accepted sleep study done. BUT... If these devices show normal sleep data consistently, then you probably have normal (benign snoring) or at worst a mild sleep disorder.

These devices all come with a free app that the device downloads all sleep data to and provides a sleep summary report. For more information including how to interpret the results, click here.

Go2Sleep Sleep Ring Wrist Pulse Ox Wrist Pulse Ox with screen Wellue Ring Pulse Ox Finger Pulse Ox Pediatric Pulse Ox Baby Pulse Ox

Home Sleep Study

These tests can formally diagnose you with sleep apnea that is accepted by insurance. Please note that Sunrise will be available in the United States in the near future.

night owl home sleep study sunrise home sleep study Virtual Office Visit with Sleep Study with Sleep Care Virtual Office Visit with Sleep Study with Lofta

Nasal Snore

breath right strips nasal dilators bongo rx nasal dilators

Mouth/Tongue Snore

Please be aware that the eXciteOSA and iNAP devices shown below require a doctor's prescription. To understand how this device works to treat snoring, click here. Watch a video to see how tongue sleeves or advancement devices work.

chin strap mouth tape tongue sleeve mandibular advancement device snorerx mandibular advancement device didgeridoo exciteosa iNAP

Body Position Changers

magnetic smart positioner back pillow position changer smart nora ball shirt

CPAP Accessories

SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Masks Cloth CPAP Liners CPAP Cleaner

Ear Plugs to Block Out Snoring Sounds

These ear plugs are designed to be worn while sleeping to block out environmental noises including a partner who snores.

ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity ear plugs for zenbuds kokoon ear plugs

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