Patient Testimonials - 2011

All testimonies were unsolicited and have come from cards, emails, and letters.

Dean (Pennsylvannia) 12/21/11

Dr. Chang, daughter ***** is doing GREAT following ********* tonsil surgery. That was positively the best medical experience ever. The hospital itself, the admin and nursing staff, the process, the parking, everything was second-to-none. ******* breathing was much smoother. Thanks for your excellent work!

- John (Reston, VA) 11/15/11

Hello, Dr. Chang!!

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that I'm in my 4th cough free week...Yea, Praise the Lord!! Thanks so much for your superb medical advice. I'm taking the ******** every evening as prescribed and not only has it stopped the cough, my hot flashes have subsided....a huge plus!!! I feel GREAT!!

MANY THANKS....words cannot express my gratitude!!

- Renee (North Carolina) 8/26/11

Dear Dr. Chang,

I'm so pleased with the outcome of the ESD procedure that you performed last week. I'm glad that you have an-informative helpful web site for people like myself to refer too. After checking every option I decided to make the journey there, no distance to far for me. Everything about my visit to your practice and the hospital was superb. Your professionalism and personal attention is greatly appreciated. We had excellent accommodation in Warrenton. I'll continue to follow your advice and visit your blog to stay informed. Many thanks again

- Cheryl (Lake Havasu City, AZ) 6/30/11



Tracey (Virginia) 1/3/11


Rebecca (Virginia) 2/26/11

Thank you! You have changed my life!! After 25 years, a Nissen, sinus surgery, countless doctors, double does of Aciphex, etc., I am NOT coughing. My cough is 95% better! I have had 7 hours of sleep without coughing. I cannot remember when that happened! I took the ultimate test yesterday and went to a Mexican resturant and ate chips and salsa without coughing! I could not consider ANY resturant without taking Codeine cough syrup first. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Lynn (California) 2/22/11

As a follow up of Dr. Chang's request that I see to the mass in my chest, I am currently being treated for B cell lymphoma. My cough has improved greatly, but is still with me. Thanks to Dr. Chang for his help.

- Howard (Williamsburg, VA) 2/1/11


Kelly (Virginia) 1/19/11

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully informative site! The videos and pictures are excellent. I found your site through a random link, while searching unilateral vocal cord erythema. Thank you again for making the information available to patients as well as non-patients.

- Lea (Texas) 1/12/11


Joan (North Carolina) 1/11