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Recommended OTC products for individuals suffering from a variety of different hearing issues.

Check your hearing using a free screening online hearing test as well as a tinnitus matching tool to replicate the sound and share with others what you hear!

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OTC Hearing Aids

There are the only bona fide hearing aids available over-the-counter that is FDA approved. Hearing amplifiers (shown in the next section) are not hearing aids though can be used to help with some hearing loss.

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Hearing Amplifiers, TV Ears

There are several tiers of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing assist devices known as hearing amplifiers. They are NOT hearing aids, but towards the high end, they nearly approach the capabilities of one. On the low end, they cost around $50-$150. Mid-tier hearing amplifiers cost around $500. At the high end, top of the line hearing amplifiers can often cost around $2000, as much as bona fide hearing aids sold by an audiologist. These top of the line devices are categorized under "Amplifiers +" below. Regarding TV ears, sometimes you just want to hear the TV better without annoying others by increasing the volume.

low cost hearing amplifier best hearing amplifier neosensory clarify tv ears noopl roger microphone

Hidden Hearing Loss / Auditory Processing Disorder

Normal hearing... but harder than normal to understand speech in noisy environments. Music therapy can help with hidden hearing loss by strengthening the auditory processing pathways to help the brain filter out the noise and focus on the sounds you actually want to hear. These programs allow the eyes to visually aid the ears to hear the single melody line of interest. Another similar option is to listen to an audiobook or podcast while have music playing in the background. The background music should be just loud enough so that you have to concentrate in order to understand the audiobook/podcast.

neosensory clarify audible audiobook smalin animidify

Noise Hypersensitivity

These ear plugs do not protect from loud noises. Rather, they help decrease the frequencies known to trigger noise sensitivity.

ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity in kids ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity ear plugs for zenbuds

Tinnitus Treatment

Protocol our office uses to treat tinnitus patients can be found here Check out a free online tinnitus matching tool to replicate the sound you hear and share it with others!

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Hearing Protection

We also sell custom fitted ear plugs in our office.

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Hearing Aid Supplies & Accessories

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