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Patient Testimonials

All testimonies were unsolicited and have come from cards, emails, and letters.

- Brianna (Culpeper, VA) 8/2/23

- Robin (Virginia) 8/9/22

(via email)

Dr. Chang, I watched your YouTube video on the Epley maneuver. I had suffered from vertigo for almost six months; apparently, I was doing the maneuver completely wrong. However, after trying it once more after watching your video, I'm cured. I can't thank you enough for your public service. I read that you pay for these videos out-of-pocket and that folks can contribute to your efforts. It's probably not much compared to the total cost to you but I wanted to express a bit of my thanks this way. I also appreciate you confirming that it was a valid contribution and am glad I'm able to further express my thanks.

- Junko (Illinois) 4/30/21

- Vicki (Virginia) 3/11/21

- Elizabeth (Virginia) 2/10/20

- Mike (Virginia) 8/23/2017

Dr. Chang is a phenomenal doctor. I was nervous when my daughter had to have tubes placed in her ears. He was absolutely wonderful when it came to explaining the procedure and made us feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Chang, no doubt.
The staff is also very welcoming and very accommodating schedule wise. Thank you all so much!!

- Brittney (Luray, VA) 5/18/17

- Joan (Virginia) 2/22/2017

- Jeff (Virginia) 2/2017

- Carol (Virginia) 2/15/2017

- Arthur (Virginia) 5/2016

- Angelique (Virginia) 7/2015


- Sarah (Virginia) 12/2014


- Aren (Virginia) 11/20/14

Dr. Chang, I know you are very busy but I cannot thank you enough for giving me hope when I thought there was none. I am truly indebted to you. Thank you sir so very much!!!!

- Mike (Illinois) 11/1/14

Dr. Chang I would just like to take a moment and commend you on the excellent care I have received by you, most especially the time you take to explain all the particulars surrounding my disease ensuring I understand all the issues. It is a great comfort to me.

You are an outstanding doctor!! Thank you so very much! :-)

- Rebecca (Maryland) 10/7/14

- Carol (Maryland) 11/28/13

Hello Dr Chang. I am pleased to inform you that the sinus surgery you performed on me almost a year ago was a complete success! I have not had significant sinus headaches or any infections in almost a year! I am so glad I got the surgery done and I now have relief! Thank you sincerely, I recommend you to anyone I talk to who has any sinus trouble.

- Scott (West Virginia) 4/21/13

- Alex (Germany) 3/18/13

- Jennifer (Virginia) 3/3/13

I have been a patient of Dr. Chang's for at least 6 years. Prior to finding Dr. Chang, I had sinus infections for years. It wasn't until I visited Fauquier ENT that I was diagnosed with severe allergies, specifically mold. I have been taking allergy shots ever since and it has improved my health tremendously.

Dr. Chang is professional in his practice and knowledgeable in his field. I would recommend Dr. Chang to anyone that has ear, nose or throat problems. He is the best.

- Linda (Gainesville, VA) 2/14/13


Cynthia (Missouri) 9/28/12


Gertrude (Pennsylvania) 9/19/12


Vincent (New York) 8/13/12

We arrived back in PA yesterday afternoon. My mom is doing well. We have her on a soft diet. Dr. Chang and all of you have been so wonderful to deal with from start to finish. We can't say enough as to how grateful we are to all of you! We feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Chang. So nice to meet you as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and many, many thanks again!

- Julie (Pennsylvannia) 7/2/12

Deborah (Virginia) 5/7/12

Jim & Jon (Virginia) 5/1/12

I wanted to express my appreciation for your responsiveness. I have never had the level of responsiveness from doctors and I applaud you for your professionalism and dedication to your patients. With the challenges in health care today this is truly appreciated.

- Jeff (Pennsylvannia) 4/20/12


MaryBeth (Texas) 2/28/12

Surgery was a complete and total success. Only had a minor sore throat for a couple of days and was eating ‘ normal ‘ food by Sunday. Outcome better than could be hoped for...

Today I am drafting a response on the daisy award nomination form indicating that every point of contact I had from the time I first contacted Dr. Chang's office thru checkout after surgery was outstanding. I serve on the board of a 300 bed hospital and know how challenging such superior service is an you all should be proud of your accomplishments.

Feel free to circulate this endorsement as desired.

- Rusty (Louisiana) 3/1/12

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