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Recommended OTC products for individuals suffering from a variety of different ear / hearing / balance issues.

Check your hearing using a free screening online hearing test as well as a tinnitus matching tool to replicate the sound and share with others what you hear!

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Itchy Ears Treatment

For more information on what may cause itchy ears and which products will likely work best for you, watch this video.

ear oil mineral oil sweet oil ear drops miracell pro ear drops facial lotion for dry itchy ears lotrimin 1% clotrimazole ear drops for fungal ear infections steroid cream for itchy ears due to dermatitis

Earwax Removal & Otoscopes

Watch an instructional video on how to use an ear syringe to remove earwax in adults and in kids.

ear syringe to flush earwax out debrox digital otoscope to look in the ear canal manual otoscope

Unable to Pop a Clogged Ear

Click to watch a video on how to use the earpopper, eustachi, and otovent. EarPlanes and FlyFit are earplugs meant for people who have trouble popping their ears when flying. These plugs regulate and dampen the amount of pressure changes experienced by the middle ear space and eardrum with elevation changes.

earpopper to help pop a clogged ear eustachi to help pop a clogged ear afrin nasal spray otovent to help pop a clogged ear

earplanes ear plugs to help with clogged ears in airplanes flyfit ear plugs to help with clogged ear in airplanes

Minimize Risk of Recurrent Ear Infections

Xlear nasal spray should be performed 2x per day. Xylitol gum should be chewed 5x per day. ClearPop only once a day. More info on xylitol here.

xlear nasal spray xylitol gum clearpop xylitol lollipop

Swim Ear Plugs & Ear Dryers

We also sell custom fitted ear plugs in our office.

swim ear plugs ear band it bandit custom fit swim ear plugs mack's eardryer dryears

DIY Swimmer's Ear Treatment

For instructions on how to make up the ear drops, click here or watch video. Note that commercially made swimmer's ear drops typically is just 95% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).

domeboro powder white vinegar boric acid glycerin systane eye drops for use in the ears rubbing alcohol

Treatment for TMJ & Cervicogenic Ear Pain

Not all ear pain is due to an ear problem! Click here to read more about non-ear causes of ear pain.

oral appliance tmj gel pack cervical traction

Hearing Protection

We also sell custom fitted ear plugs in our office.

ear plugs for hearing protection musicians ear plugs ear muffs hearing protection noise cancelling ear plugs hunters ear plugs custom fit ear plugs

Noise Hypersensitivity

These ear plugs do not protect from loud noises. Rather, they help decrease the frequencies known to trigger noise sensitivity.

ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity

Tinnitus Treatment

Protocol our office uses to treat tinnitus patients can be found here. Please note that Lenire is only available in Europe at this time. Check out a free online tinnitus matching tool to replicate the sound you hear and share it with others!

melatonin supplement white noise maker for tinnitus low salt diet books ear plugs for noise hypersensitivity neuromonics for tinnitus audionotch notched sound therapy for tinnitus neosensory duo for tinnitus transcranial magentic therapy for tinnitus tinnitus retraining therapy neural symphony neuromodulator white noise neuromodulator custom white noise generation lenire therapy for tinnitus

Dizziness & Motion Sickness

Please keep in mind that meclizine and dramamine only treat the symptoms of dizziness without fixing the underying cause and in some cases, may even make dizziness worse (more info here)! You can try to figure out what is causing your dizziness in order to address the root cause by following this flowchart. Regarding the OTC patch, this is NOT the same as the prescription motion sickness patch (scopolamine). Vitamin D3 appears to help decrease risk of BPPV, a very common cause of transient vertigo that occurs with head movements (more info on the relationship between vitamin D levels and BPPV can be found here).

meclizine for dizziness dramamine for dizziness dizziness patch dizzyfix vitamin d3

Hearing Amplifiers, TV Ears, & Hearing Aids

There are several tiers of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing assist devices known as hearing amplifiers. They are NOT hearing aids, but towards the high end, they nearly approach the capabilities of one. On the low end, they cost around $50-$150. Mid-tier hearing amplifiers cost around $500. At the high end, top of the line hearing amplifiers can often cost around $2000, as much as bona fide hearing aids sold by an audiologist. These top of the line devices are categorized under "Amplifiers +" below. The Bose hearing aid is the only bona fide hearing aid available over-the-counter that is FDA approved. Regarding TV ears, sometimes you just want to hear the TV better without annoying others by increasing the volume.

low cost hearing amplifier best hearing amplifier bose hearing aid tv earshearing aids

Hearing Aid Supplies & Accessories

hearing aid sanitizer hearing aid drying jar hearing aid size 10 battery hearing aid size 13 battery hearing aid size 312 battery hearing aid size 675 battery hearing aid replacement domes hearing aid wax guards phone amplifier phone captioner phone flasher and ringer lottie mia doll with hearing aid cochlear implant

Ear Piercing Kit

ear piercing

Patulous Eustachian Tube Treatment

PatulEND for patulous eustachian tube SSKI



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